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Welcome to our FAQs page. If there is anything not answered here and you require further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email. Better still, feel free to come and visit us.  You are always welcome to come and join us for a drink and a chat, whether you are a current client or just information gathering. Our aim is help you get the answers you need.

Will I have the same caregiver(s)?

YES! FHC aims to always have the same caregiver attending your calls, so that you get to know each other well. Of course, caregivers need days off and sometimes may be unwell. At such times another caregiver will be matched as closely as possible to your needs. The caregiver will be personally introduced to you by your client liaison who you will already know well and have a direct line to. This way you receive continuity of your care from someone you know.

How will you and your staff respect my privacy and dignity?

We take the responsibility of dealing with personal and sensitive information very seriously and will never disclose data without your express permission. Our Caregivers have been put through an in depth, up to date and relevant  training programme to ensure your needs are met to the highest standard and all of them understand their role and how to support your privacy and dignity.

What if I find I just don’t “fit” with my caregiver(s)?

Matching the right caregiver(s) to you is very important at FHC. During our rigorous recruitment process, induction and training, we get to know our caregivers well, so we can endeavour to find you the right person. However, we never expect you to make do and if the match doesn’t work for any reason we will work with you to find you a caregiver that you feel more comfortable with. You will have a direct line to your client liaison, whose job it is to ensure you are content and that your needs and wishes are being listened to.

Do you have a standard contract that I can read before signing?

Yes we do, your client liaison will visit you at time to suit you to assess your needs and discuss what we can do to support you.  They will leave a copy of the contract with you to read at your leisure and any queries are welcome without any obligation to join us.

What if I need to speak to someone out of office hours?

We are here for 24hrs a day, every day!  Come rain or shine. We have an out of hours emergency call service. However, for non urgent calls we would politely request that you contact us during the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

What are the charges and how do I pay them?

We fully endorse transparency and clarity of pricing. So, there are no hidden charges, costs or extras to surprise and worry you. Our services do not attract VAT. All our prices for each service are clearly laid out on our pricing sheet and you will have a copy to keep when instructing us of your requirements. A small mileage fee may be charged should you wish to be taken out in your carer’s vehicle but this will be clearly priced for you before you decide on booking a particular outing. Payment can be made by cheque, bank transfer or direct debit.

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