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About us

Folkestone Home Care is an independent health and social care provider. We specialise in private personalised home care and community services in Folkestone and the surrounding areas. We are dedicated to being a person centred company, demonstrated by how we serve our clients and look after and value our staff.


Our Personal Touch

Emma knows that to feel safe and well cared for you need continuity.  For this reason she has introduced dedicated client liaison administrators. She understands how frustrating it can be for the client and their family to rarely speak to the same person twice.  She knows, for your peace of mind you need to speak to someone who is familiar with your circumstances and care plan.  Within a busy care setting it is often just the next available person who picks up the phone. The FHC Client Liaison will enhance your experience of care in a number of ways and they achieve this by;


  • Being the first person you meet to discuss and assess your needs, so they are with you from the very start and remain your contact point throughout your time with us.
  • They have a cap on how many clients they manage, so they have the time to get to know you personally and really understand your situation.
  • They will always introduce you to your caregiver.
  • You will be given their direct line number, which is not advertised any where else. Anything you wish to change or add to your care is dealt with personally by them either over the phone or they will gladly come out to see you.
  • If you wish them to, they will liaise with your GP, community nurses and any other outside agency. This allows important information about your care to be updated swiftly,  ensuring your support is appropriate to your needs.

Our Commitment

Folkestone Home Care’s founder and director Emma took the decision to start her own company because of her dissatisfaction with the poor levels of service endemic in the health care sector and the lack of opportunity to make change happen.

Having been a caregiver herself at the beginning of her career in the health care sector she knows not everyone receives the level of care they should be able to expect. Through her own experiences she now passionately believes that excellent care can only ever be delivered if the caregivers are well trained, valued for their skills and above all truly enjoy their working day. At FHC we are committed to achieve this by;


  • Ensuring our caregivers have time to care for you without rushing and becoming task driven.
  • Always giving our caregivers enough travel time in between calls.
  • Ensuring they are well paid.
  • Ensuring our caregivers care for the same clients regularly so they really get to know you.
  • Valuing our caregivers as the most important part of our company. Without them representing our values everyday, FHC wouldn’t succeed.
  • Putting them through training that goes much further than the standard mandatory training.
  • Rewarding outstanding practice and long service.
  • By listening to them and doing all we can to take care of them too!

When you instruct Folkestone Home Care to take care of your needs you can rest assured you are receiving care from the highest calibre of staff.

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We are waiting to greet you with a warm smile and the time to listen. Getting you the right help for your situation is as important to us as it is to you.

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