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CQC Inspections

We are delighted to say that we have passed – with flying colours – our first inspection, with a commentary from the inspector that “we are right at the top end of GOOD”. She went on to say that she knew there are companies that have a good rating but are doing the bare minimum to achieve that rating. She stated that she wrote our report to reflect that we were at the top end of GOOD.

We encourage you to follow the link and read the report because it does indeed set us apart from others in the field and reflects the effort and due diligence we take when it comes to the services we offer.

What our clients and their relatives told the Care Quality Commission privately when they inspected us.
(Extracts from the Inspector’s Report)


“Staff are extremely thorough and extremely competent, so I therefore feel she is safe and cared for when I am not here.”

“If I feel unwell I only have to sniff and she’s onto it immediately and gets me the right help.”

“I can really relax now without the worry of who will care for me and who will keep me well and healthy.”

“I am so impressed by the service; I can’t tell you what a godsend it’s been.”

“She wants to know and wants to listen to my life and gets to know me by listening and caring.”

“The care plan is such a time saver, and so clever, as it has everything from the stop cock to my health in it.”

“I am not only treated with dignity, but I am treated like a person and not a patient.”

“They don’t just talk, they listen and that’s what counts and makes my life so much more worth living now.”

“The staff really do care and you can tell by the little things they do that they don’t need to but go that little bit extra, like nipping out for the milk or the papers and making my bed if I haven’t.”

“The care far exceeds what’s required on the care plan, but she doesn’t mind – She’s not strict on timing. If something needs doing, then it’s done.”

“Impeccably run and well-led by a super woman.”

“I think that the staff are extremely happy and content, and proud to do such a wonderful job.”

“Truly an angel and it makes me cry to think what a positive difference she’s made to my life.”

“I simply don’t know how she does it, how she runs such a tight, organised and happy ship. Everything is done properly. Absolutely amazing.”

“I really am very pleased and very impressed by the way things are run. I can’t fault them.”

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